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Welcome to Rivo Aura We make beautiful bedsheets.

Beds are an amazing place to be filled with designs. Our Bedsheets do exactly that. They fill your life with all kinds of aesthetic designs; simple, minimalist, elaborate, geometrical, moody or individualistic designs.

We do our bit to beautify your homes and lives by making high quality bedsheets. Our focus is on creating designs that appeal to your senses, while not compromising on the quality. We hope to be a silent contributor to your happiness.

What we do We do it for You

We add aura to your home by creating aesthetically pleasing bedsheets that you will adore.

Great Designs

We are enamoured by the impact of designs in life. We convey it through our bedsheets’ designs.

Quality Products

Our bedsheets are made of high-quality fabric with stringent checks to ensure quality standards.

Style Statement

We make bedsheets a part of your style statement; reflecting your personality, way of living and more.

Customer Centric

We connect with customers for insights about our products and designs. Because we make it for you.

Our Approach Designs. Comfort. Aura.







Rivo Aura Advantage We Engage. We Create. We Innovate.

We engage with You

You are our biggest inspiration for designs. We seek ideas and feedback from our customers to create designs that reflect the choices of our customers.

We are creative

Our team is full of creative people who devote themselves to design great bedsheets. They try to include the simplest and the finest that life has to offer.

We are Innovative

Whether it is deploying quality audit in manufacturing or connecting with our customers online for engaging shopping experience, we innovate to excel.

Some of Our Designs Just to Give You an Idea

  • Minimalist
  • Elaborate
  • Moody
  • Individualistic
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